Coach Murph has had a huge impact on my life on and off the court. I nicknamed him "Five Guys" because he's a great coach, mentor, father, brother & friend. I'm thankful Murph has remained in my life since I left Syracuse.

Coach Murph helped me understand the importance of dedication and hard work at a early age. He'll push you to the limit and won't allow you to fail. He made me believe in the darkest times, always finding ways to inspire and motivate.

Murph is someone I can speak with about anything and get truth & honesty. We've shared some fun, exciting times the past 15 years..... Murph's a loyal person and lifetime friend!

Coach Murph helped me reach my ultimate dream of playing in the NBA. I'm appreciative he recruited me to Syracuse University.

When Coach Murphy recruited me I was not ranked and unknown. Murph's first words to me was "believe in yourself because most people won't - you must strive daily to prove doubters wrong"  Seven years later I have my Syracuse University Degree & pursuing a my professional basketball career. I thank Murph for helping me grow in all areas of life!

Rob has been a huge part of Syracuse basketball. I believe he's ready to be a head coach. He'll do a great job at Eastern Michigan.

Murph is a hard worker. He deserves the head coaching position at Eastern.

Coach Murph has helped me grow into a good basketball player but more importantly a well rounded young man. I'm grateful for our relationship and very fortunate to have Coach Murph in my corner.